The Negative Effects Of Social Media And Mass Media

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In the modern era, the fact that there is an inextricable relationship between mass media and the public has become undeniable. It is not impossible to live a life of separation from the media, but usually we do not call it a ‘modern’ life. However, we may have emphasized this aspect too much, because nowadays people tend to understand the social phenomena by simplifying the relationship between the modern people and mass media into a single sentence. ‘Social media is the main factor that forms the negative character of the young’, ‘Mass media leads the audience to intellectual passivity’, or ‘TV shows have a bad influence on creativity’ are the classic examples of the generalization of the hypothesis. But the problem is that it is risky and…show more content…
The writer is saying that TV programs tend to be fast-paced, supply detailed pictures and sound, which eventually disrupts viewers’ creative thoughts. There is a certain degree of truth in this statement, but the latest researches are telling us something completely different. According to the result of Korean Society for Journalism and Communication Studies’ research, viewers actively integrate their everyday world, including mass media, into the world of spirit. In order to symbolize their ego, express the sensorial experience, or read something into their personal experiences, they use the mass media as a tool. With the information they gain from TV, viewers design their own story, think earnestly about present and future, and judge the given information with their own sense. Due to the media exposure, viewer’s idea might be similar to the content he or she gained from the media. However, the final results viewers create are something very different from the original, since each one of them add their own view and sense into it, regardless of the medium and the content. Thus, it is hard to simply conclude that TV inhibits viewers’ creativity and injects certain thoughts into…show more content…
As time passes, public’s perception changes, and generally a negative perception outlives a positive one. The same is true of an area of mass media, especially TV. Although its advantages were the most outstanding and recognizable factors when it appeared for the first time, only its drawbacks have become more and more magnified in recent days. However, judging mass media’s pros and cons means nothing in this rapidly changing world. What really matter is that we need to ponder how to deal with the mass media and how to actively participate in it as an independent

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