The Negative Effects Of Social Media

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Are your grades plumetting, do your thoughts wander to your Instagram pics or your last Facebook post when you should be studying or working, are you always preoccupied with checking your Twitter? Then you may be addicted to social media! Social media takes away our focus and keeps us hooked on pointless diversions, reducing our sophistication to the level of wandering around playing with toys; it is decivilizing us and is dangerous to our present and future. The over-consumption and abuse of content on social media is the most destructive problem in the United States, decreasing our productivity and cognitive funcionality, as well as providing a gate way to crime and the theft of personal information.
Social media distracts people and supports an alternative way of living than proactive working and learning. For example, “The average college student spends [three] hours a day checking social sites, and only [...two…] a day studying” showing that social media keeps your attention for extended periods of time (EricaDhawan). Due to the means of quick communication online and other social content, social networking encourages slacking off and wasting time. Studies showed that “When alerted to [new social network...activities],[...the majority of] users [took twenty] to [twenty-five] minutes on average to return to the original task [ some cases] it [took as long as two hours]”, reinforcing the idea that social networking is addictive and reduces concentration on work and

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