The Negative Effects Of Social Media

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Everyday of our lives we are constantly influenced by social media and the aspects around the internet as a whole. However, do we really know how much we are affected? Social media is taking control of people, it is changing us, shaping, and demanding things in our lives and we just let it happen. Whether that may be bullying someone through a one-sided screen or waiting for a like on our most recent picture, so our online reputation can keep growing. In this paper I will argue about the negative effects of social media on one’s reputation and how bullies lurk online to ruin the reputation of others. I know some may think that social media is a great platform that opens up many opportunities for people all around the world, but I find it to be a deep, dark, and mysterious place for the unwanted to pray on the weak, or maybe to make themselves feel like they are wanted through that blue/black screen. While giving us the luxury of a world-wide entertainment platform, social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are becoming a negative and addictive outlook for people to rely on in life. One of the key issues with social media is the escape, the fact of the matter that you are hidden behind a screen. This provokes a type of behavior is highly unacceptable. Bullies, no one likes them, and no one wants to be one or be the victim of one. Bullying is one topic that I really want to go into depth on. These bullies are able to hide, become anonymous and hurt the

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