The Negative Effects Of Social Media

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Social media has taken center stage in the lives of human beings with far-reaching consequences both socially and politically. The advent of the internet and social media almost two decades ago was accompanied by news of joy as it was a huge development in the spread and access of information in the modern age. The advent of the internet and Google created immense opportunities for social, economic and political development of United States and has been instrumental in making the country what it is today. However, not much is being said regarding the adverse effects that social Media has had on the social and political lives of Americans. Social media, has also created its own set of adverse effects that have affected communication, spread of news and the vital human connection that are all integral in peaceful sociopolitical coexistence among Americans. Social media does not provide users with enough grounds to assess the validity and truthfulness of a piece of news. Social media facilitated the spread of fake news during the last United States Presidential election. Fake news describes any news that is not founded on any evidence and is only designed to malign the name of a person, a group of people or a company. In social media, fake news was spread in terms of “leaked documents”, mails and documents. In his research, Allcott (2017) notes that ‘In the aftermath of the 2016 US presidential election, it was alleged that fake news might have been pivotal in the election of

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