The Negative Effects Of Social Media

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Summary Social media is dependent on visuals and is highly interactive which makes it toxic as most success is dependent on appearances (Paxton and McLean, 2016). People want to present themselves on social media in the best lighting to get their ‘good angle.’ People often add filters and worry about the reactions they are going to get from the people that they are trying to compete with. Teenagers often anxiously await likes and comments from friends and complete strangers in order for them to determine whether the selfie that they took gained acceptance or whether they need to delete it and post another one at a different angle (Paxton and McLean, 2016). Both girls and boys are affected by this and often find themselves comparing them to celebrities and often engage in conversations about trying to bulk up or lose weight. Value This source is valuable as they went in depth about how social media can be a “dangerous body image environment” (Paxton and McLean, 2016). It does give more information about the negative effects of social media on the body image of teenagers. It includes specific studies relating to teenagers using social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat which are the biggest social media platforms used by teenagers. Reliability This source is reliable as it was written in September 2016 so is not outdated and includes a study done in 2016. Both authors are lecturers at a reputable university in Australia and it is a news site which posts articles from

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