The Negative Effects Of Social Media In Today's Society

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People are not paying attention to society anymore. This world has gotten so cruel, such as all you see is people driving to work, on their phones or just listening to music. In the old days people use to say hi to each other when walking down the street, all you get is a glance and a push out of their way. Everybody is so caught up on social media now and days which is very bad because it has gotten so terrible over the years. Nobody realizes that our society is changing and still continues to change until this day but people don 't pay attention to how bad it is. Before social media took over peoples life 's families use to respect each other and citizens would actually have a conversation or even play with one another. Families would sit at the table and eat dinner and ask how there day was and just spend a lot of time to bond. Children use to be very creative when it came to playing or when they would have some free time on their hand. Now and days families hardly communicate with one another let alone even spend time with each other. People are to busy on social media, playing video games on there phone or a system game. Don 't get me wrong technology is not a bad thing especially for the medical business but also its bad because it causes people to get bullied on the internet. Finally most importantly teens have to watch what…show more content…
People just lost values in the world especially when it comes down to other people. This world is just to busy connected to technology and what 's happening around the world instead of what 's really in front of them. Basically since everybody caught up on social media they 're no bonding with family or friends or just people in general. So instead all you see in kids on an iPad or watching TV sitting on their butts doing nothing and not being outside living life and exploring things. Now and days people don 't even greet or talk to anyone unless they are in there way of going somewhere then they want

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