Social Media Influence On Pedophiles

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"Terrorism has been a big problem in the modern day. There are not many things people can do to stop it but the federal government can try to prevent by watching emails and social media where it’s needed, the same is true with States and schools. This will not only help prevent terrorism but help schools stop bullying and stop pedophiles from lurking behind a phone or computer screen. There have been cases where an American would get caught talking to a terrorists, as well as kids bullying each other or kids talking to a grown man or woman. These are only a few reasons social media should be monitored by federal, state, and local authority.

When it comes to dealing with terrorism, we cannot do much but let the federal government just keep an eye on social media can help stop it before it gets out of hand. Letting them do this will also help them find wanted criminals, those who are charged with crimes and ran. It helps the government keep tabs on what is trending and what is becoming a problem. These are all true because there have been cases, one that had jumped out was about a
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There are many reasons and they can be State and Local, watching out for gang violence, tracking drug activity and catching pedophiles. Even more, the reason for older men or women to jump behind a screen and create a “new and improved” them. There are many cases of dealing with things like this. For example, a 12-year-old boy who believed he was chatting with a 17 or 18-year-old girl. When tracing that “female” back to be 26 years old Patrick Killen from Miami. “The FBI said he had close to 800 victims,” says Raleigh from WNCN. Watching kids social media or others can help keep men or women like Killen away from children and young adults. So, it’s important to monitor children's social media because there could be anyone behind that screen pretending to be someone they are
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