The Negative Effects Of Social Media On Society

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The world has reached great developments especially in the technology field, no one can deny the role of technology in the life of every person and it changed the world. Furthermore, the most important technology that we are witnessing now days is communications technology it became a daily human use. Communications technology helped everyone and made them communicate in many ways, here came the idea of developing many inventions that serve the user, so communications inventions start to appear one after the other and these inventions are now well known and easy to use to support the communication process between the users, an example of such inventions are (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) these inventions became known as social media. Social media has a positive and negative effects on individual and on society, in general, depending on how the person employed it to serve his/her needs, Also, we will take a look on English language and how technologies affected English.

Communications inventions provided solutions for many problems that the world faced in the past, lets first talk about Facebook, In the last few years I’m hearing a lot about Facebook and how it became a human daily use, I was surprised by the number of people who use Facebook that made me so exciting about having an account in Facebook, Facebook can be used for many things some people used it for learning and education, others used it to communicate with others, and some to
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