The Negative Effects Of Social Media On The Arab World

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The death of many innocent people for a good cause has been the norm in the Arab world, where people feel the urge to sacrifice their lives in order to improve their society’s living conditions. The recent events in many Arab countries have demonstrated the power of fast mass communication. There is no doubt that the extensive use of various social networking media by the young and rebellious youth in these Arab countries such as Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain and Syria have had a major and positive impact on the uprising that is called the Arab Spring. Some even argue that without these social networking sites none of these revolutions would have taken place, or succeeded, especially in such a short period of time. Hence, it is evident that social networks affected the Arab world and how the Arabs used these network sites to their advantage. The Internet has become a unique and exceptional communication tool. No other form of media, newspapers, radio, and even television offers the average person a comparable opportunity to express his or her views on such a grand scale. The Internet now enjoys a high level of freedom. Using the Internet as a social and political force in western societies holds a grave number of consequences and has proven to be very difficult. However, this is even more challenging in this part of the world where freedom of speech is very restricted, limited or even absent all together. Arab youth have learned to capitalize on the openness of

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