The Negative Effects Of Social Media On Teens

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Social Media has impacted and affected teens in a pretty negative way with the technology we have today. Social media is too distracting for teens/college students because of the constant feel to need to be on their medias. While using social media, in order to sign up for the sites teens have to put a lot of personal information, leading to my point there is no privacy while using these social media sites. Social media causes most teens to feel lonely or losing the ability to speak to people face to face. Social media is becoming a huge issue on high school and college students, students are becoming way too attached to it that making students dependent on social media, followed along with not allowing people with social media much privacy,…show more content…
According to a study, ¨A Pew Research Center study in 2010 revealed that the use of social networking services had greatly increased”(Crelin, Joy. "Social Networking Sites: An Overview."). This is showing us that the further technology advances the more social media is easier for everyone to be it on all times, specifically teens. While using social networking sites teens do not think about the negatives that come along with social media and do not realize how much can affect them. Teens feel the need to always be on social and see what is going on in everybody else’s lives. Teens use social media to get out what teens have to say and love to put all of their business out there for everyone to see. This can be a huge distraction to teens if someone does not quite agree with what is posted and comments some negative words while teens may be trying to do some school work. In an article by Richard Webster, he states that teens being bullied or harassed on social media often lead to depression, anxiety, or even suicide. ¨Over 80 percent of teens use cell phones regularly” making most teens at risk for this (Crelin, Joy. "Social Networking Sites: An Overview."). Teens post things to make themselves ¨feel better¨ which distracts teens from real life…show more content…
¨Both teachers and students under the age of 13 are starting to become worried because it is easy to lie about your information, age allowing teens to access those social networking sites¨ (Crelin, Joy. "Social Networking Sites: An Overview."). This is showing that teens have no privacy and can be found very easily, which is the reason why social networking sites have an age limit to the sites. All that people have to do is know the name of the teens social networking site and look the teen up to see a lot of their personal information. With that being said, teens have no privacy using these sites because all it takes is looking up someone to see a lot of their personal information. A good amount of teens also use these social networking sites to harass and bully other teens. “In a 2013 opinion piece for the Huffington Post, Randy Taran, founder of the nonprofit Project Happiness, asserted the anonymity and lack of accountability on some social networking sites and apps “bring out the worst of human nature”(Rai, Komal and Gurpreet Gill). The teens that are “bringing out the worst of human nature” are doing this by following the teens home. When someone signs up for a social media site that teen is allowing everyone and anyone who has that social networking site to access them, allowing bullies to follow the teens and attack them while they are at home as well. When my mother
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