The Negative Effects Of Social Media On Teenagers

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Karim Amr El-Gohary
Dr. Samar Mohamed Ezzat
ENG 102
6 April, 2015

The Effect Of Social Media On Teenagers The factors that made social media affect teenagers negatively A research paper


Do social media have any negative effect on teenagers ? This research paper examine the social media effect on teenagers and how social media became a part of the teens life . This research will focus on the social , physiological and educational effect that social media affected teenagers negatively through them. First, the paper will discuss the history of social media and the beginning of using teenagers to social media and social websites . Then the researcher has explored some elements that has negatively impacted the teenagers socially , physiologically and educationally and lead to the addiction of teenagers to social media . Finally the research put some recommendations to overcoming teenagers from being addicted to social media with the help of parents and the government.
Social media is now a main part of teenagers life .Maybe there social life depend on social media with all its ' branches. Social media started in 1969 with the invention of internet on computers where it was so difficult to use at that time. Internet started to develop with the beginning of spreading of the E-mails on the internet on different websites in 1971 . From year 1971 till 1990 internet developed till internet recorded 2.6 million users . In year 1989 world wide web was
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