The Negative Effects Of Social Media On Teenagers

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With 95% (Mobile) of America 's population owning some type of cellular device it is easy to see how social media has grown to the force that it is within the daily lives of teenagers today(“Mobile”). With all of the different types of content that can be placed on social media people’s lives are almost entirely digitally published for anyone’s eyes to see. Also, through constant interaction with each other the popularity of social media continues to grow and aid the new generation of millenials. Living in a society where almost everyone is intertwined in social media the benefits of it daily affect almost every teenager today. Although some see social media as a negative impact on teen’s lives, social media is a positive tool to both aid teens with self esteem issues and also it promotes the communication between students and allows the creation of lasting bonds and promotes the success of students. In a study done by CNN of 1000 teenagers on how social media affected them mentally 28% (Kelly) said that it made them more outgoing and 29% (Kelly) said social media made them feel less shy. Also, one in five teens surveyed stated that social media made them more confident (Kelly). Because of the openness of social media teenagers can easily express themselves. With proper management social media can act as positive reinforcement towards everyone, and can be used to build others up. With friends supporting and backing each other social media positively affects people 's
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