The Negative Effects Of Social Media On College Students

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Negative effects of Social Media The spread of social media has changed the way most people live every day. Although social media has some positive impacts for some people, but sometimes the excessive use of positive effects reverse to negative ones. The people who use its capabilities, it has changed everything starting from the way they organize their time, to where they are going to eat lunch next time. I contend that social media, while having real negative effects, have several positive influences on university students and will be thought of like a helpful resource. First, one of the most important arguments that social media has negative impacts on university students is that it raises their distractibility in general. In Bradley Waite, Laura Bowman, and Laura Levine’s academic article, ' 'The use of Electronic Media Use, Reading, in addition to Academic Distractibility in College Youth ' ', they conducted a research in order to explain the relationship between times used in spending media that needs multitasking , as IMing, and one 's ability to concentrate on academic exercises.. The researchers made a survey for a large, various group of college students by giving them about ' '55-item questionnaire that is designed to measure different aspects of using electronic media , reading (nonelectric), and distractibility for academic exercises ' ' (561). They found a correlation between the time students spent IMing, and raised distractibility while doing academic
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