Negative Effects Of Social Media On University Students

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Negative effects of Social Media
The spread of social media has changed the way most people live every day.
Although social media has some positive impacts for some people, but sometimes the excessive use of positive effects reverse to negative ones.
The people who use its capabilities, it has changed everything starting from the way they organize their time, to where they are going to eat lunch next time. I contend that social media, while having real negative effects, have several positive influences on university students and will be thought of like a helpful resource. First, one of the most important arguments that social media has negative impacts on university students is that it raises their distractibility in general. In Bradley Waite, Laura Bowman, and Laura Levine’s academic article, '
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Levine, Waite, and Bowman would totally agree with this statement, as it is logical that spending time on only one task leaves less for another task. Nevertheless, they only focused on the negative features of IMing. Their research results came to a conclusion that IMing only distracted students and had no positive impact. This however, is not the truth. Other researchers have found that there is a positive correlation between face-to-face social interaction and online social interaction, such as IMing, (278). So during considering the task of IMing, it might take time away from academic study, but it also affects one 's ability positively to interact socially. Adding this result to the argument, IMing has more of a positive impact overall than a negative. If the time spent IMing is not abused, meaning that one doesn 't spend an excessive amount of time, so that IMing has more of a positive impact than a negative one. It raises one 's ability to multitask, affects social interaction positively, but it doesn 't affect one 's ability to concentrate

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