The Negative Effects Of Social Media

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During the past decades, the utilization of social media has become a fundamental lifestyle and part of communication among young adults, teenagers and even for some mature adults. Among the diverse social media sites, Facebook rules with over a billion users (Facebook, 2015). According to March 2014 statistics, Facebook has over 1.3 billion monthly active users and around 83.5% of daily active users who are found outside Canada and United States of America (Facebook, 2015). It is estimated that over 7000 billion minutes are spent every month on Facebook (Facebook, 2011).
Facebook remains the most popular and largest social site among its closest competitors around the world such as Twitter, You tube and Instagram (Wong, 2014). Facebook provides an easy access to individuals for them to see personal information about their coworkers, families, friends and even strangers (Muise, Christofides, & Desmarais, 2009).

Social media is considered as a powerful tool in reciprocating and facilitating social relationships (Peplau & Perlman, 1982). This is how, social media users may be seen as well-adjusted and confident individuals liked by their peers. This question we on how social media users do experience negative adverse effect such as low self-esteem, loneliness and poor sociability with others who do not use social media (Rokach & Brock, 1998).
There are various reasons why people use Facebook. The reasons are social connection and emotional connection (Kalpidou, Costin,
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