The Negative Effects Of Social Media

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Today world’s is in era globalization. It has a strong influence in all dimensions of community life. Everyone can’t avoid it. This causes social changes both positively and negatively. One of the most famous in the era of globalization is the use of social media. Social media allows information to spread easily in the community. Information of any kind can be transfered easily and quickly so as to influence the outlook, lifestyle, and culture of a nation. Some examples of social media are facebook, twitter, instagram, path, youtube, line, whatsapp, etc.

Social media is very useful in life, but we also have to be careful in use it. It can be positive and negative for our life. It is depand on how we react to it. So what we need to do is filter whats good and bad for us. There is a negative effect of social media that we must know.

The first one is we can get addicted. Almost every social media user uses social media every hour or even every minute. Users can’t regardless of social media and feel there is less if not using social media. Example of the simplest is we often more afraid to miss our phone than miss our book when we going to school or college. Another example is we prefer playing social media on our phone at dinner table than talking to our parents. Such behaviour like this is the one we need to avoid.

Another one is it cause envy among users. This means people who use social media can easily get envy of someone’s
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