The Negative Effects Of Social Media

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The Effects of Social Media

Today, almost everyone use social media. Many kind of social media example facebook,twitter,line and so on. From children to adults use social media for their second life. According to Chris Bogan (2011 : 11 )in social media 101 tactic and tip developing your online business definies social media as follows : “social media is a new communication and collaboration tool that allows, many types of interactions that are not available to oridnary people” Social media is an application that people can use to communicate their friends either inside or outside the country with social edia we can add friend from other city or country, we can also add our knowledge by read many article in social media or internet, we can know what the hor news or information and share our experience with others

Social media have many negative effects for the users. From using social media, many children became an anti social people, can lower abundant amount of teens self confidence and can get mental and physical disorders easily,and so on.

First, anti social is one effect of use social media. According nevid dkk (2001 : 277), Anti social is a behavioral disorder characterized by anti social and irresponsible behavior an lock remorse for their mistake. Anti social is the treatment of someone who avoids the person who is nearby with them. They won’t to join with other people arround him.

Second, social media can lower an abundant amount of teens self confidences.
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