Social Media's Effect On Society

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Patrick Bosworth
English Composition 1
Essay #2
February 21, 2018 Social Media’s Effect on Society We all do it, I know I am guilty of it. Sneaking a peak at Facebook while I am at work or when I am supposed to be paying attention to something my kids are doing. But, what has Social social Media media really done for and to society as a whole? I understand the fact of its usefulness to get information and have it distributed quickly to the masses. I just am am just not sure that I agree with the widespread use of social media and reliance on certain aspects of how people use it how reliant people have become on the use of this technology. Is it okay that our the President of the United States uses Twitter to send out messages of how
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An article written by Maryanne Gaitho states that 94% of Social Media social media users post information to “Pass valuable information about Products to try and influence others opinions”. Again I am all for “Important Information” but, in between the useful information there is so much brain draining non-information insignificant information gumming up the process it is overkill. Between the useless memes about a grumpy cat or the “Fake News” that abounds floods our devices it’s hard to cut through the fluff to get to the true meaning of Social Media social media. The true reason for Social Media’s social media’s creation was so that people could stay in contact no matter their location in the world or even on the International Space Station. The early times of Social Media social media was pretty much just that. You could connect with that cousin that you have not talked to in 10 years because they live in Los Angeles. You can view the photos that an old friend posts of the two of you back when you were teenagers. To this day, that is pretty much how I use Social Media social media but I am not what I would consider…show more content…
We have all read the stories that some employers have their employees sign waivers about what content they can post on Social Media social media and that they agree to be monitored and face possible penalties by not following the rules set by the employer. I have also seen the reality of relationships that fall apart because of the use of Social Media social media. For some people, The the fact that you can connect with someone you may have had a relationship with in the past and for some people it can feels as if they are not doing anything wrong by doing so. If you are in a committed relationship and you still seek out the companionship of someone you had a history with may cause your significant other to be upset for numerous reasons. there are numerous reasons your significant other should be upset.
The world is a different place today and we all share way too much for the most part. If I want someone to know something personal I will let that person know myself. Pick up the phone and call someone. Go visit someone at their house or, go out for a drink, or dinner to converse not stare at your phone until the food comes then post pictures of what you are about to
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