The Negative Effects Of Spaking In Children

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Children are like plants. If you take good care of the plants they will grow strong and thriving and give you flowers. You get the same results with children. If you treat them well and teach them right from wrong, they will become strong individuals in the future. Teaching children right from wrong is the principal key in a child’s life, but many argue if some of the techniques used to punish kids are really helping them learn the correct ways of life. Spanking is the most common type of punishment in a home, but some also wonder if it’s the right thing to do. Punishing kids through spanking has negative effects on a child’s overall health and is not the right thing to do. Over the years, many researches have been conducted into finding…show more content…
For example, studies show that spanking a child is 80%-90% effective through ages 6 and under. (Viewpoints in context). Kids who were spanked, ages 6 and under, showed better behavior within the next 72 hours and the problem from before was fixed. It may be true that kids show better behavior in the next few days of being spanked, but not all kids are in the same position of amount of discipline being used in a home. Studies show that about 80% of kids have been spanked by 3rd grade. In the meta-analysis, researchers Elizabeth Gershoff and Andrew Grogan-Kaylor from the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Michigan, respectively, evaluated 75 published studies on the relationship between spanking by parents and various behavioral, emotional, cognitive and physical outcomes among their kids. They found that spanking was associated with 13 out of a total of 17 negative outcomes they assessed, including increased aggression and behavioral and mental health problems as well as reduced cognitive ability and self-esteem. of spanking, slapping and hitting children without the use of objects, and found that spanking is still associated with negative outcomes (Wenner). Another research was made showing the long-term negative effects of aggression, they include delinquency, some mental-health problems, which include substance abuse or thinking about suicide, as well as the risk of physical abuse from that parent (Viewpoints in context). Therefore, more research is showing the negative effects of spanking than positive. Spanking leads to poor behavior in children as they grow and hardly helps a kid develop as a mature adult in the long

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