The Negative Effects Of Spanking

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Spanking, is it really child abuse or a form of discipline for your children. Many people are misled with the term spanking and think that spanking is abuse because you are hurting your child, however that is not the case; the term spanking is the act of slapping, especially on the buttocks as a punishment for children. Abuse have a completely different definition it is use to bad effect or for a bad purpose; misuse. Spanking is a way of discipline used to better your child for the future, to make them understand that there are consequences to their actions and disobediences. Spanking can also be used to stop kids from doing something shouldn’t be doing or stopping them from doing something dangerous that can potentially harm them. A good spank will snap the child back into reality, the child will know why he/she got spanked and will be too afraid to do it again; however spanking should be used as a last resort when all fails.

Children are supposed to respect and obey their parents and it is the parents’ duty to take charge and make sure that their doing just that. However we all know that that isn’t always trust. Some time talking or taking away their cell phone might not always be that effective. A good explanation is quote by Ruben Navarrette the author of “Spanking isn’t child abuse” which states “in disciplining children, parents should do everything as kindly and gently as they can first. They should try to understand a child, make sure the child
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Spanking helps prevent them from doing something regrettable later in life. My father once told his friend that if I have to spank my child in order to discipline them and make them understand right from wrong I do by any mean because that’s what parents are for. The most embarrassing thing for a parent and for the child is for the authority to have to discipline your child for
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