Positive And Negative Effects Of Standardized Testing On Students

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Year after year, students all across the country from five to eighteen years old are burdened with the stress-inducing task of taking standardized tests. Hours upon hours of valuable time is spent measuring intelligence and knowledge, when having instruction time instead could be far more beneficial. Students aren’t the only ones being affected by the tests that can cause deep anxiety in many, teachers also are succumbed to the stressful testing sessions and preparations. The many tests forced upon students across the nation are irrelevant to the actual improvement that is occurring among these students. The use of standardized testing among pupils in America is not improving education, but is heavily damaging it instead. From stress upon students and teachers, standardized tests have an overall negative impact variously.
The constant repetition of standardized testing can be extremely stressful towards students of all ages. From test anxiety, which can induce vomiting, nausea and shaking, to feelings of failure or worthlessness, standardized tests can, and often do, much more harm than good. Over the years, standardized tests have dramatically increased dropout rates, and they do not improve students academically. Because standardized tests can cause so much
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From all of the negative effects of standardized testing itself, the tests should be removed from the educational system as they bring more harm than good. From heavy anxiety, stress, career loss, and misinformation towards the public, standardized tests are far from essential. Unless standardized tests evolve to become suited to all styles of learning, adapt to each individual child, reduce anxiety, and stop misinforming the public, they are simply a disgrace. So, removing them overall would most definitely clear various nationwide issues that are severely
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