The Negative Effects Of Standardized Testing On Children

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Would you like your kid failing a grade because they scored low on a test that might have stressed them out? That is exactly what a standardized test does to kids. These test do more than stress kids out, they also are not fair to non English speakers and special needs students.The National Government has started a program called “ No Child Left Behind Program” this gives the chance for kids with special needs to do well in school. But with standardized test will not help them at all. First off standardized test cause stress in younger students. According to it says,” Test related jitters, expecially among young students are so common that the stanford 9 exam comes wuth instructions on what to do if a student were to vomit on it.” This proves that kids get sick just thinking about standardized test and how much they can affect their future. This is a bad thing for kids, they should not be that stressed out at that age.…show more content…
According to the website it says,” English language learners take test in English before they have mastered. Plus special needs students take the same test as other students.” First off how do you expect someone that does not speak English to just magically ace a test that is written in English. Secondly special needs children have SPECIAL NEEDS!!! They cannot take a test that other kids take because they struggle in learning, they may not get the information as well as other kids. Plus they cannot have any help on the test
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