The Negative Effects Of Stereotyping In Today's Society

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Today, we are living in a very complex social environment. In today’s society, people are stereotyped in many different ways depending which category an individual is located in. Haven’t you been stereotyped at some point in your life? Or you may have stereotyped someone without even noticing it. Stereotyping is actually more serious than we thought and it is becoming a major problem in our society today. But what is stereotyping? According to the dictionary, stereotype is defined as “a simplified and standardised conception or image invested with special meaning and help in common by members of a group.” Moreover, it is considered as a form of prejudice, as people are putting labels about how a person should act or live according to their gender, nationality, religion, personality or appearance. This creates pre judgment, including misconceptions, which can develop further, leading to bigger problems and complications. Society can be broken down into many groups or categories and there are all sorts of categories within stereotyping, which are the tools used to stereotype. Gender profiling, cultural, race, groups of individuals, religion and so on. Common examples of stereotypes are: girls are bad at sports. Men get better jobs than women. Women aren’t as smart as men. All Arabs and Muslims are terrorists. Blacks outside America are poor. White Americans are lazy. Politicians only think about their gains and benefits. Blondes are less intelligent. Black people are better
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