The Negative Effects Of Stress In College Life

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The Stress
Are you feeling restless, tired or anxious? Are you feeling that ‘it is too much’ or that you ‘can’t handle it anymore?’ If so don’t worry. This is because you are simply stressed out. Stress is something whichthe student, have to go through most of the time during their college life.
Stress is not a bad thing. Students, of course, need a little bit of stress in order to show their maximum effort. We also can say that when people are a little bit stressed they gain their lost focus and concentration. Also stress can be defined as a burst of energy, which may make a person function at his best. Therefore, stress is good – but it is good only when it is there for a short time period.
The stress we hear about the most isnot the stress that break records, but, isthe chronic stress – the stress which continues for months and years. Yes, it is about the stress that we live with, in our day­‐to­‐ day lives. This is the stress which we define as a very negative factor to maintain our good health. Chronic stress is not the stress that you find before an exam or a soccer match, it is the stress which a student carries every single day – It can be due to overwork, school problems, family problems and many others. This stress never has a positive influence on our brain or body. Itcan actually destroy our brain cells.
A chronic stress such as family problems at home or getting bullied at school may affect the functions of your brain. The causes of stress can be essentially

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