College Student Stress Analysis

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According to (Anderson & Cole, 2010) stress is an individual’s physiological and emotional state of anxiety or frustration that greatly influences his or her behaviour. A student’s quality of academic performance can either be improved or reduced depending on the levels of stress on that individual. High levels of stress result in a decline in a student’s ability to fulfil several key functions and activities. (Wilson, 2010) found that “75% of students at Columbia University reported experiencing stress and over one third of those said it had a negative impact on their academic abilities”. Due to stress, 25% of the students stated that they experienced low grades or dropped out from classes. Therefore, college students that are less stressed possess better management skills and a better mental well-being, which improves health and allows the student to excel academically.
Possessing good management skills is very important for and beneficial towards the student. It allows the student to organise their school work and personal life efficiently and it affects their overall performance and achievements. According to (Stupart, 2017), a student’s inability to efficiently budget and manage their
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It can be beneficial in moderation. Eustress, which is mild to moderate stress, can act as a motivator and energizer. (Willis, 2005) also stated that “eustress boosts an individual's growth mentally, socially, physically and spiritually” (p.8). Eustress activates certain chemicals that enhance memory, alertness, productivity and increases energy levels. According to (Yu, Wei, & Yanfei, 2017) Challenging stress, also known as work stress, motivates students to manage their responsibilities, deal with the pressures associated with life and increases the student’s motivation which will all in turn improve their academic
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