The Negative Effects Of Stress In Nursing Students

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Stress is a part and parcel of human lifestyle. It can serve as a driving force in terms of obtaining results, but on the other hand, non-stop stress can act as a killer in terms of performance. It is a known fact that students are subjected to different kinds of stressors, such as the pressure of academics with an obligation to succeed, an uncertain future, and difficulties of integrating into the system. The primary cause of impaired academic performance of students was identified as stress. They have great concerns on what to do after graduating, and the fact that college education is costly. Accompanied with anxiety about having stable jobs after graduation; others’ expectations as well can affect the level of stress one experiences.
In a certain study, there is an argument about marijuana being one factor that causes stress among students as well as a way for students to relieve stress. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) the estimated stress-related disorders will be one of the leading causes of disability by the year 2020. Nursing schools are now recognized as a stressful environment that often exerts a negative effect on the academic performance and psychological well-being of the students. There are a lot of Studies from the United Kingdom and India that have reported increasing levels of stress among nursing students.
Stress is among the problems experienced by most Nursing students in Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan. Majority of the students who

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