The Negative Effects Of Stress In Our Daily Life

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The world offers a force; a thug of war between pressure and respite, expectation and acceptance. This push and pull is experienced once a person becomes part of the general population. The day he first took up space and breathe, is the beginning of life of both magic and chaos. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, stress is defined as a state of mental tension and worry caused by problems in life, work or even in school that could make someone nervous leading to anxiety and depression. While based on Khonsky and Hoe (2003), stress comes from the inability of a person to meet the certain expectations of life. It has always been part of everybody’s life; stress is acquired from all the responsibilities and demands of life. According to Anisman and Merali (1999), the ability of the body to adapt to challenges is called Homeostatic. However, according to Blonna (2005) and Familydoctor (2010), stress could either bring good or bad effects; it could make a person’s life better or put someonein deep misery (as cited in Kumari & Gartia, 2012).Apprehend that stress is only undeniably dreadful when it starts to be intolerable but most of the stress we are experiencing electrify us in our daily lives (Veena & Shastri, 2016). Stress is the response or action our body do to solve a certain challenge or demand in our lives (Vorvick, 2014). Bad stress is defined as a stress which came from certain life events that caused emotional scars or trauma to a person such as violence,

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