The Negative Effects Of Stress

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People face stressful events pretty often, and that cannot get changed. However, now they can make use of stress based on how they react to it. Stress is a state of mental or emotional pressure resulting from adverse circumstances. Therefore, stress has so many effects such as nervousness, headache, insomnia, and more. Lots of people believe that it is uncontrollable and tend to give up. However, studies proved the opposite. There are two types of stress effects. Distress, which is the negative adverse influences. Also, Eustress, which is the positive effect that motivates us to accomplish something. Therefore, we can make use of stress by converting it into a eustress, controlling our mindset, also by following some stress controlling strategies.…show more content…
Therefore, everyone goes through stress. Anything that requires a mental effort and causes over thinking, nervousness and anxiety is a stressor. Based on the article “Turning stress into an asset” written by Gallo (2011), stress is an inevitable part of life. Though, the effects of stress upon us is controllable. Nordqvist (2015) in his article “What is stress? How to deal with stress” stated that stressing over something could harm our physical and mental health. Starting from Hypertension and Headache to Anxiety and Depression. However, in the article “Eustress vs. Distress” Scott (2014) proved that when we react to it the right way, we will get motivated to seek and achieve our…show more content…
In a survey that we have conducted, we noticed that 51.6% of the people who took it said that stress affects them negatively which means that they do not know how to cope with it. According to Nordqvist (2015), in his article “What is stress? How to deal with stress”, exercising has a significant effect on stress reduction and calming the person 's mentality. Also, following some breathing techniques allows us to slow down and relax. Furthermore, meditation gives us the chance to focus on what is important and to know our priorities. Nonetheless, time management makes a huge difference. For instance being a university student we go through stressful weeks full of assignments, due dates, and exams. However, knowing how to manage our time and follow some stress management techniques will allow us to overcome physical and mental
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