The Negative Effects Of Tattoing In Today's Society

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In today’s society many people are making the decision to have artwork permanently tattooed on their body. Tattooing is known as a way for one to express his or her thoughts, feelings, or even tell a story. As the years progress tattoos are becoming more popular. Getting a tattoo is as common as buying a new pair of shoes when the latest style comes out, or an upgraded cell phone, and most often they are expensive. Numerous arguments come up about tattoos as it is a divided topic, especially among the older and the younger generation. Some people may consider tattoos completely unacceptable and others believe that it is a good way of self-expression. As the popularity of body art increases, most workplaces are accepting tattoos as long as it can be covered and no obscene or foul language, while other professional environments have been unwilling to accept tattoos in the workplace. Today tattoos are seen as an accessory and a way to express one’s self, but the pain, stereotypes, and the false impressions that are connected with tattoos would ask as to why would anyone consider getting a tattoo? Although tattooing may be thought of as a new phenomenon, it has been around for centuries, the tools used have changed over the years, and many people have different reasons to get a tattoo. The word tattoo is believed to have two major origins; the Polynesian word ‘ta,’ which means striking something and the word ‘tatau,’ a Tahitian word meaning ‘to mark something’ (JAMA

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