The Negative Effects Of Technology And Child Development

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Technology and Child Development Thinking about those good times when we were growing up makes a happy memory when we try to comprehend the problems confronting the children nowadays (Rowan, 2013). When we were younger, we always play with other children using bikes, running all day and sweat out. We are developed by socially interacting with our friends, families. We try to practice how to communicate and practice language in many ways; however, that is not the case today. Children who are born in the modern times are now part of the digital era (Hsin, 2014). From the advent of technology from the late 70s, children now live with technology as part of their daily lives. Constant use of different technology such as television, DVDs, video games, internet and cellphones has given an important role in children’s development (Bavelier, 2011). Also, due to the rising use of technology, there was a great change of how a child learns and develops (Hsin, 2014). According to Roman (2015), during the first years of the child, the brain develops faster and they learn best in communicating with people not screens. Thus, technology negatively affects a child’s development. According to a study conducted by Hsin (2014), technology can impede a child’s development in different aspects may it be socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively. However, there are four main domains in which a child should achieve to have a healthy development, namely: movement, touch, human connection,
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