Essay On Technology And Child Development

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Technology and Child Development Thinking about those good times when we were growing up makes a happy memory when we try to comprehend the problems confronting the children nowadays (Rowan, 2013). When we were younger, we always play with other children using bikes, running all day and sweat out. We are developed by socially interacting with our friends, families. We try to practice how to communicate and practice language in many ways; however, that is not the case today. Children who are born in the modern times are now part of the digital era (Hsin, 2014). From the advent of technology from the late 70s, children now live with technology as part of their daily lives. Constant use of different technology such as television, DVDs, video…show more content…
In creating a bond that will last, a constant face to face interaction is greatly essential (Hosale, 2013). Technology then plays a big role in blocking the face to face interaction. Through, technology children tend to isolate themselves, thus creating less social bonds. This then creates a problem in forming human connections. Due to this lack of human contact, technology then creates a perfect way for depression to form (Hosale, 2013). A diagnosis of such psychiatric disorder is linked to the use of technology and is rapidly increasing (Rowan, 2013). Also, due to less social interaction, there is also a less opportunity for the child to develop social skills (Hosale, 2013). Social skills is important especially in a developing child because social skills is the way a child form social bonds and make friends; if they do not develop this then isolation, bullying may happen. Utilizing technology increases the incidence of bullying to a higher degree of severity (Hosale, 2013). Bullies through technology can reach the child’s homes. They cannot only bullied in school, but also even they reach their own homes they can still be bullied through

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