The Negative Effects Of Technology And Its Effects On The World

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Technology surrounds the world, and in some cases, it binds society together. If people let technology dominate, that gives us, as humans, no power. Society wants to believe that they are in control and machines are just a tool that is used to assist in daily life. However, technology has enslaved mankind. Advancements in science have developed throughout the history of the world. At first, humans emerged and created speaking tools and language skills about 1,400 generations ago. Moving through many years to two hundred generations ago, writing skills was first developed, using various different symbols and letters from their language. Using the writing skills that were evolved, books were devised to display ideas across the world just twenty generations before now. Now, computers have been invented to be a convenient outlet of information across the world (“The Issues”). Developments in science date back to the beginning of mankind, with inventors like Benjamin Franklin and Steve Jobs, constructing new ideas with the intent of helping the world. Inventions and new technology are created to aid modern man, but society is going too far in the manipulation of information with new advancements. Although some declare that advancements in technology help fight certain injustices and lead the world to function in new, creative ways, society needs to slow the technological advancements because they are destroying humankind through environmental, health, social, and economic issues.
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