The Negative Effects Of Technology And Technology

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Technology is a knowledge to put into practical use to solve problems or invent useful tools. Consequently, there are few examples of technology help in few ages. First of all, the Stone Age times the development of simple tools from wood and discovery of fire which help those times to cook food and create light and heat. Second, Bronze Age the changes ability of man to work with metal gave the capability to form stronger tools, and the introduction of the wheel allowed people to travel from one place to another. Third, Iron Age the ability to work with harder metals. This brought the development of tools that benefit civilization and gave greater ability to perform tasks, such as manufacturing and transportation. Hence, technology helps peoples since a past ages till now to perform basic thinking processes much faster enables business and science to proceed much more efficiently. Despite the fact that, technology pretty much runs peoples lives these days. Based on my understanding since a people work life to their home life computers, phones, and gadgets are the one helping them with their daily routine. Sometimes people are so used to relying on technology to help them out, they are kept forgetting how to act in a world by themselves. People’s depence on technology has affected creativity and communication. First of all, people who dependence on technology too much having affects on their body health such as depression, obesity, and poor sleeping habits. Obesity occurs

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