Negative Effect Of Technology On Youth Essay

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Technology plays a major role in our society. The internet and social media are ways to keep us connected to one other. According to Joanna Stern of ABC news people check their phone 150 times a day. In today’s retail market some of the best selling products are phones, laptops, tablets, gaming consoles, hand held gaming devices, and music players. Most of these products are popular among adolescents and are geared toward keeping them entertained. These products are attracting teens and younger children, they are being used for the purpose of education and entertainment. While technology has its place in the development of today’s young growing minds, too much of it can have negative effects in the lives of many. Technology has become…show more content…
When they are focused on the device instead of what going on around them they miss a great deal. The internet allows youth to spend so much time in social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat Twitter, etc. all these different social sites are addictive. Youth have the characteristic of being lazy and the reason for this is because of their internet usage. They spend their days surfing the net for the simple reason of boredom. The school system is another area that is experiencing the negative effects of technology. Spending so much time on the internet can have a negative influence on the individual and their social skills it can also be a means for distraction and procrastination. This can lead to lower grades and poor test scores due to lack of studying. A recent study suggest that over eight percent of students are distracting themselves with their digital devices during class. The results suggest that over eighty six percent of students text during class and sixty eight percent t admit to using social net working websites. Over a fourth of students who were surveyed admitted that it had affected their class

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