The Negative Effects Of Technology On Society

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Since the emergence of technology, there have been rapid advances in globalisation, communication, infrastructure, medicine, business and many others. Technology is now ever present in society, transforming the lives of everyone around the world. However, technology has also given rise to new forms of evil and has negatively influenced the world in various ways. Technology has impacted the mental, physical and social well-being of society, giving rise to malevolent forces that damage the quality of life of people around the world.

Many issues regarding the mental well-being of society have arisen because of technology. Evils that come in the form of cyber bullying, blackmailing, impersonation and defaming are some of the main concerns of the adverse effects of technology. Victims of these evils can be influenced mentally, leading to depression and even deaths. Cyber bullying is rife all around the world and it is widely known for causing depression and suicide. According to Google Trends and Wired Safety, Singapore is ranked second, behind the United States, in incidents of cyberbullying, with 70 percent of 4000 Singaporean students surveyed reporting some form of cyber bullying during their school years. In 2011, 16 year old Khine Thinzar was a victim of abuse on Facebook. Her ex-boyfriend has posted bad comments about her, hurling accusations and insults at her online. The secondary 3 student eventually decided to end her life by jumping off her Pasir Ris block.

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