The Negative Effects Of Technology

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Can you imagine a world without technology? What if things such as cell phones, cars, medicine, and the internet never existed? Chances are that you cannot. In fact, technology has become so ingrained in modern society that it is nearly impossible to imagine a world without it. This is because many great benefits have come from developing and using technology over the course of human history. However, even though technology has affected the world in many positive ways, it has also had several negative effects. Some of these effects are extremely minor, however a large portion of them are things that can never be undone. Therefore, we need to always be aware and cautious of the negative ways it affects our lives.

One area that has had many benefits from the use of technology is the medical industry. For example, Banova states that “the widespread adoption of electronic health records has resulted in significant savings in health care costs as well as improved patient health and safety” (par. 7). This is because having an electronic database allows doctors, surgeons, and nurses to access patient files and notifications anywhere at any time, which allows them to administer faster and better care than they could before. Technology has also made it much easier for medical professionals to diagnose and treat their patients by making information easier to access. Surgeries have also become significantly less invasive due to improving technology, and it is also possible to see
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