The Negative Effects Of Television: Is TV Too White?

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Television has become the chief of entertainment. However, when we watch TV, we aren’t really paying attention to what’s going on. TV, in my perspective focuses more on young African-American males being assassinated by cops. Shootings like Ferguson, the Trayvon Martin case and cases on unarmed African Americans have negative effects on our culture. In today’s society, many of our complications haven risen about cops killing innocent residents, mostly black people. There are less programs on TV that doesn’t discuss the focus of daily African American life. People assume that more of us go to jail because of crime rather than going to college to earn a degree. Yet, is TV too white? My debate is unanswered. One day television talks about you…show more content…
We are divided into kingdoms where every being speaks a different language, applies religion, has a household and plentiful more subjects. In today’s biosphere, technology has heightened abundantly. We use it for our most favorable thing to do. Watch television. A small box with pintsized images bringing out comicalness, amorousness and even melancholy. On the other hand, TV has both an encouraging effect and a destructive effect. There is a great calculation of Caucasians than other percentages of subgroups. However, that doesn’t technically mean whites regulate the world by themselves. In the ordinary society we live in, not every person will like another person. It could be their conviction, their association with others, and primarily, skin complexion. Television generally produces their attention towards the whites rather than minorities. Hair merchandises, cars, attires and others. Because of the high percentage of the white race, they tend to be wealthier. African Americans, Hispanics and Asians are the largest groups of minorities and tend not to be recognizable. I advocate that TV endorses a more equivalent prospect for all races. Furthermore, Television also enacts a leading protagonist in conversation, businesses, prosperity and discrimination. It is said that “the higher your education, the more money you could make.” Which is truthful. Still, being that whites are the prevalent percentage of race, various subgroups aren’t quite known for having “multiple degrees, successful business companies or being entrepreneurs,” because it hasn’t been heard yet. Once again, TV sponsors more of their subjects and qualifications towards whites. I consider that America hasn’t comprehended that whites aren’t the only race on this planet. In conclusion, I have approved that television has become too white.” However, the focalization of White Americans is starting to descent by bits and

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