How Does Social Media Affect Communication?

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Technology sales have increased 75% in the last 5 years according to the national cell phone industry. This means people are getting and using technology more than they ever have. Technology is making us more lonely. If you can text then that is supplying communication without actually visiting the person you want to talk too, people are constantly getting on their devices during family and/or family time, and phones can be used for entertainment so why would you even need friends. Cell phones can supply communication through text so that is becoming a more common way of talking to someone than go seeing them. Texting is being used more fifty percent more according to the national texting industry. This means that the fifty percent more…show more content…
Over seventy-five percent of the teens check social media more than five times a day according to The Social Media Society. That number might not sound like a lot, but when the teenager stays on social media for fifteen minutes at a time, it starts to add up. This would equal to around one hour and fifteen minutes spent on social media when the teen could have been talking or hanging with a friend. Teenagers would not get on their phone as much if it was not that entertaining. YouTube also supplies the public with funny and enjoyable videos right at their fingertips. When the nation can occupy themselves with these videos the need for hanging out with friends for a pass time disappears. According to Netflix, around ten million people having a Netflix account on their phones. This means that around ten million people have stopped going to movies together. With people having this ability to watch all the movies they want on their phones, they have stopped trying to entertain themselves with board games or other activities. Even Though, people can connect through social media. They can look through and see what everyone is up to and still connect with them and stay
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