Moral Issues In Huck Finn

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During the 1840s in Missouri, a young boy name Huckleberry Finn runs away from home. At his first destination, he meets Jim, a run away slaves. The story goes along with the adventure of Huck and Jim. Along the way floating in Mississippi river, Huck and Jim meet many people. The most significant character they met was the King and Duck, the con artists, who help to show the growth in Huck 's moral while creating sorts of problems. Along with many discrimination, Jim eventually earns his freedom at the end of the book. The novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain should not remain a staple in high school curriculum by its possibility of causing the negative emotional effect on students, creates more problem to the relationships between black and white people, and too difficult for students to understand the main idea of the book.

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Most high school students aren 't mature enough to understand the complicated book with many hidden messages. Toni Morrison states that “...much of the novel’s genius lies in its quiescent, the silence that pervade it and give it a porous quality that is by turns brooding and soothing.” (pg.1) Majority of the people would not think deep on the silence/pause in a book, which means the students will take away the incorrect lessons. Most often, high school students are more likely to get the surface of the reading such as the most appealing word "nigger" that has been overused in the book. Without the true understanding of the word, it is very easy for people to misinterpret the meaning. For many non-African American people, that term is mainly the name for African American people during the slave era. However, Southerners are more sensitives of how this word is used. It is a word that carries the memories of an unforgettable
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