The Negative Effects Of The Holocaust

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Gaunt Faces and physically and mentally exhausted bodies plagued the majority of the Jewish- German population from 1933 to 1945. As gruesome as the Holocaust was it was a major turning point in not only German but global history. The culprit? Adolf Hitler and his handful of dysfunctional political accomplices. To emphasize on the statements above the Holocaust caused approximately 6 million deaths of innocent Jews and other “unsatisfactory” members of society including the handicapped and gypsies. In the upcoming paragraphs I plan to highlight the detrimental effects of the “Final Solution” had on the majority of the Jewish Population and the heinous crimes that were directly targeted towards the Jews who were unfortunate enough to be placed in the Nazi work/ death camps.…show more content…
“Mein Kampf” Hitler’s memoir which circulated his ideas of a utopia like world regarding the destruction of the Jewish population and obtaining the goal of an Aryan race was foreshadowing for the atrocities that were later to come. Almost immediately after his rise to power Hitler made his twisted dreams a reality and began. Jews were forced to identify themselves with a gold star and soon after were hoarded into ghettos for safe keeping. While the conditions in the ghettos were less than ideal in 1941 the real atrocities began to
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