The Negative Effects Of The Internet And Social Media

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Did you know that a very famous SNS application, Instagram added 100 million users in four months last year? (Liberatore) Currently, many people of a wide range use social media in everyday life. According to eMarketer, about 2.46 billion people used social media in 2017. They estimate that the number of social media users will increase up to 3 billion by 2021. Moreover, The Pew Research Center, which frequently conducts surveys on use of technology in United States, states that approximately 92% of teens in the United States report going on the social media daily (Lenhart). Keeping these information in mind, news about problems caused by social media and teenagers occurs in the media regularly. Therefore, people think SNS as a harmful and destructive thing. However, the internet and social media provide young people lots of benefits and as a result social media can help teens in terms of connectivity, knowledge, and education.
One main reason students should use social media is that it can provide them connectivity. Technology has developed, and nowadays applications, in particular LINE and Messengers which offer users opportunities to chat with people, are being used more frequently. The LINE Official website explained that MAU (Monthly Active Users) in Japan went over 71 million people, which covers 56% of the whole population (LINE). Also, Facebook revealed that more than 1.2 billion people use Facebook Messenger every month (Facebook). First, by using these

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