The Negative Effects Of The Treaty Of Versailles

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The Treaty of Versailles had a large significance on Germany and its future, but 1919-1939 will be focused on - highlighting its negative effects on Germany’s military and population, the economic Depression, how it gave Hitler inspiration and his rise to power, and other topics, such as how history was forever changed. Millions of people lost their lives. It all traces back to one fateful moment. The close of the war - The Great War. The Big Three: Wilson, Lloyd George, and Clemenceau all signed the Treaty of Versailles at the Paris Peace Conference. Those signatures, representing the unfounded condemnation of Germany for starting the war, which is completely wrong, helped give rise to Hitler. The terms of this Treaty gave Germany one voice, a voice against the Treaty.
However, even though the Treaty was the main issue - the main cause for the war - it was worsened by a force that didn’t just affect Germany, but the world as a whole: the Great Depression. In 1929, the American stock market crashed over a period of a few days. The excessive trading of stocks made the stock market lose value. Because businesses put money into stocks, the stock market crash devastated them. Due to the USA’s trade importance to the rest of the world, the suffering and, eventually, closure of these businesses affected the world’s economy in a negative way. The Great Depression worsened the effects of the Treaty which has already destroyed Germany - just the scene for a natural speaker
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