The Negative Effects Of Timeless Single Parents

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Nowadays, Family is not quite a similar family in the past, is unnecessary to have both father and mother in each family. International Encyclopedia of Marriage and Family (2003) has given a definition that a single-parent family is where a parent lives with dependent children, either alone or in a larger household, without a spouse or partner. Father or mother who takes care a child alone has worked harder than ever and they won’t have time to care their children. Absolutely, it will lead their children into trouble. The effects of timeless single parents on their children are unsuccessful educated, bad behavior and lower socializing. Many pieces of research show how single-parent can affect a children’s educational success. It has a higher opportunity that the single parenting children won’t be successful in their studying because they don’t participate their class. Garriga (2010) found that children from single-parent families are more often too late at school. A higher percentage of pupils from single-parent families in a school might thus lead to more pupils arriving too late at school and hence disturbing teaching and learning of the whole class. In addition, from earning money alone, the single parent is too tried for helping their child homework or teaching a lesson that their child is confused. Careless their children studying is one of the important points that make their children’s grade is showing anxiety. From Mark S. Barajas’s study (2011) found that

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