Are Cars Still A Good Thing For America Essay

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Forty-five percent of Americans lack access to transportation such as buses and trains (Source 2). For many people, cars are the only option. Yet still, people are debating whether or not cars are still a good thing for America. Imagine a society without the ability to jump in a car and travel anywhere. While there are some negative effects caused by cars in the country, like pollution, automobiles are still an important factor in the way America runs. They provide people and families with mobility, and they greatly contribute to our economic growth.

Think about how easy it is to jump in a car and travel from wherever home is to anywhere in the country. Cars provide mobility to people and families and allow them to go anywhere, anytime, without
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People could now jump in a car and go new places.” They had mobility anytime they wanted, not just at the time of a bus or train schedule. The use of cars also opened up the housing market,…show more content…
Source 2, Facts Along the Road, says that about 36,000 people were killed in auto accidents in 2009. However, with all the improvements made on cars the chances of car accidents are rapidly going down. Also in some cities around the country in which automobile accidents are common, police officers and state government officials are improving conditions by making the streets safer for drivers and pedestrians. Additionally, Running off the Road says that “With their large petroleum-based fuel, cars constantly spew carbon monoxide into the air.” A solution to this is the manufacturing that many large companies are doing to create cheaper and more efficient electric cars. Companies like Tesla are already mass producing cars that cause much less damage to the environment. There will soon be cleaner and less expensive cars that will help turn the country around

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