The Negative Effects Of Video Games And Violence In Children

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A very meaningful quote from Pope John Paul II is “Violence is a crime against humanity for it destroys the very fabric of society” and this applies to the times today. Violence is something hard to stay away from and sometimes is most often seen more than love. Kids especially are exposed at a young age to the violence around us which greatly affects their future lives. One huge contribution to the youth seeing or being a part of violence is through inhumane video games. When kids are playing video games, they can have effects of bad behavior and they lose their innocence by becoming desensitized. To start off, violent video games contributes to aggressive behaviors in kids. Children learn from influence so when they play video games they learn it is okay to act violent. In an article from TIME it declares that “When asked if it was okay for a boy to strike a peer if that peer said something negative about him, for example, these kids were more likely to say yes” (paragraph 7). This shows that kids are more likely to have bad behavior if they play violent video games by lashing out at classmates and bullying them. Since kids act through influence, if they are exposed to graphics of people hurting each other they think it is okay to act that way. Furthermore, in a study through Cinemablend “Scholars at Brigham Young University found that exposure to high amounts of profanity from media and games for teenagers results in accepting the language as normal, which in turn

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