The Negative Effects Of Video Games And The Film Industry

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Video games can be described as electronic, interactive games known for their vibrant colors, sound effects, and complex graphics. The revolution occurs in video games patterns in the last ten years, they have changed from 2D arcade pattern to realistic 3D graphics that provide to play at home in front of a large TV screen and surround sound. Video games now allow the players to interact with characters and objects with more choice and a more interesting playing style. Now a day’s video games are most favourite entertaining area of modern computer technology which is very much popular among people of any age but the children are most influenced because of its nice, attracted animation. Different types of games are popular these days and among these games the more violent video games and characters used in these games put a very negative image on young minds of children. Types of video games: In the early days video games are designed only for children’s fun and entertainment but now a day the situation is completely different. Research says, some video games may help the development of fine motor skills and in coordination, but many says about the negative effects of video games. The effects can be express as inactivity, anti-social behaviour and violence. From the last few years video gaming industry is amplifying very rapidly, every day a junk of video games comes to the market that’s why there is no doubt in saying that video gaming industry is the 2nd largest industry

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