Video Games Can Be Bad For You Essay

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Why video games can be bad for you
Now, the mobile games are particularly massive and unique in China. Many Chinese people are interested in different types of games, including card games, digital games, role-playing and so on. However, In my opinion, I am strongly to opposed to the video games. Because the video games have many negative effects on people including adults and children. However, in my opinion, I am strongly opposed to the video games.
It is my firm belief that the video games have many negative effects on people including adults and children.
First of all, the violence is one of the most negative effect on peoples. Children who play more violent video games are more likely to have increased aggressive thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. Furthermore, many children are rewarded in violent games, which confused them the reality and the fantasy. As kids, they also cannot distinguish the suitable games from the bad ones. When
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For example, many multiplayer games such as Dota involve cooperation with other online players, which means that the players will not only use individual skills but also need the teamwork or cooperation to win the same goal. What is more, many children and parents like to play multiplayer video games, which is popularly costing the part-time of them.
And no matter what they want in the video games, they always want to experience the trust and cohesion. Thus, the importance of cooperative game play ameliorates the negative effects of violent video games on cooperative behaviour. ( Tobias Greitemeyera, , , Eva Traut-Mattauschb, Silvia Osswaldc July 2012 )

In conclusion, many peoples argue about the effects of the video games. No matter who will win this argument, we should seriously choose the video games, which ask us to distinguish the suitable one from the bad one within a controllable
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