The Negative Effects Of Video Games

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There is a long history of video games, from the early years of the game-cube to the more modern days of Xbox and PlayStation and almost too many games to count. the question is “are they harmful or harmless”, this is a debate that has been around since the beginning of gaming itself, this essay will examine the idea that computer gaming is completely harmless to children and teenagers.
Video games have been around for quite some time, over 50 years in fact. The first game created was called “Spacewar” which was created back in 1962, this game was viewed as the first real video game. Since the creation of this game the gaming industry has skyrocketed in popularity since then and has even been a source of inspiration for other media such as movies and television. (McCall 2012)
Many studies on the effects of gaming on children and teenager’s: A study based in the university of Columbia has shown that children who play video games may be more likely to have better social and intellectual skills, then their child counterparts who do not play video games, it is also show that child gamers are shown to react in a calmer demeanour when faced with chaotic situation then non-gamer children. (Bolton 2016)
Accounting for variations in development explained by the children 's ages and genders, the team found that high video game usage was associated with a 1.75 times increase in the odds of high intellectual functioning. Accounting for variations
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