The Negative Effects Of Violence And Sex In Television

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Television is one of the most popular entertainment nowadays. Not only it is use for entertainment but in many aspects as well. Like educational, history, discovery, sports and many more. However not everything we see in television is appealing or good for the viewers especially for the children, and violence and sex is the most poisonous that we could ever see in television. Violence and sex scene can affect the viewer`s thinking. According to Dr. Daniel R. Anderson, Professor of psychology in University of Massachusetts, Amherst, that “viewing of violent content may lead to simple imitation of the violent acts”. It is clear and proven that this kind of scene in television has negative effects on viewers thinking. That is why prohibition of violence and sex in television is a must because it leads to unwanted pregnancy, creates criminals and causes anxiety to viewers.

The first possible effects of violence and sex in television that we wanted to discuss is the unwanted pregnancy. Usually, teenagers are on this field, and the first example of what causes of the unwanted pregnancy is rape. Teenagers are getting pregnant because they have been abuse and rape. The Guttmacher Institute states that between 43 and 62 percent of teens acknowledge that they were impregnated by an adult male, and two-thirds report that their babies’ fathers are as old 27. Approximately five percent of all teen births are the result of a rape.

I believe one of the reason why men rape

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