The Negative Effects Of Violence In The Media

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In recent discussions of exposure to violence being linked to violent acts, a controversial issue has been whether violence in the media has any effect on the chance of a violent outcome. On the one hand, some argue that violence only leads to more violence; from this perspective many crimes have been linked to ones online, in movies, and on T.V. shows. On the other hand, however, others argue that violence in the media has no relation to those who become violent; according to this view violence can happen whenever, wherever, for whatever reason, or can even be caused by mental illnesses. My own view is that being exposed to violence increases the chance of violent crimes because it plants violent thoughts and ideas into the brain where they didn’t exist before. Violence has been associated with the “media” in many different eras since the beginning of time. From the Shakespearean tragedy Romeo and Juliet to your modern day hit T.V. show The Walking Dead violence has grown, developed, and in some ways been encouraged. Throughout the years violence has been used to keep audiences interested. Television programs worldwide are now displaying “812 violent acts per hour” states M.D. Eugene Beresin (“The Impact of Media Violence”). Violence has become such an essential part to entertainment it hasn’t even been filtered out of cartoons nor considered how these fantasies could one day become realities. Violent acts such as school shootings date all the way back to the
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