The Negative Effects Of Violence In The Mass Media

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When we talk about violence, we take it to mean any anti-social behavior with the intention to harm a living being. Violence in the mass media has been a topic of much debate in the recent years. Many studies have made the claim that violence in the mass media is the main reason of the violence we witness in many countries. Television, video game systems, the music world and the Internet, all are the types of media. The youth are increasingly becoming more hostile due to media violence and this would stay with them throughout their life. Studies have shown that witnessing violence on news or in any sort of movie or a game promotes imitative. Media violence causes a major effect on a child’s brain making him more aggressive. If a child is already aggressive it will make him more aggressive, hence creating a lot of problems. The international media is the largest host of violent programming which affects the aggressive behavior, the physical health and the future lives of our children. The existence of media violence in our society promotes negative effects towards younger and older adolescent children in today’s culture. Many people believe that media violence is not very harmful for our children, as it is only showing violence for their entertainment and they are not affected by this in any negative manner. I believe that media violence does affect the thinking of the younger and older adolescent children in our society. A child is learning in his teen years and he/she
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