The Negative Effects Of Violent Cartoons On Children

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Negative effects of cartoons on children
Over many years, Children seem to be much interested in watching cartoons. Typically, most children start watching cartoons on tablets, television or smart phone at the age of six. When they turned to 2 or 3 years they automatically become the very enthusiastic viewers. Now-a-days this becomes a serious problem because children start watching more and more television and cartoons. Cartoons are becoming violent and addictive. Children who watch more television and cartoons are likely to have different emotional and mental problems (Tariq). Watching cartoons has its own benefits and fun. But when watching cartoons becomes addiction, the case becomes different. Cartoons are becoming the necessary part of the child daily routine. Many parents to feed their child leave them in front of television. In this way the child stay busy and parents do their work. There are many negative effects of watching violent cartoons. This addiction destroys their physical and mental health. This also affects children’s imagination power. Children will go into the fantasies (Asha).
Watching too much cartoons are destroying children attention from studies. They started spending most of their time in front of television watching cartoons then studying. But if cartoons promote moral or educational lessons then it can help children in learning process (Tariq).
Some of cartoons that show danger and violence scenes, hide the after effects of

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